29 October 2015

Crafts and design from the world

29 September 2015

GAN is craft and design.We believe that the hand-made products are the greatest luxury, and that the best way for designers to express their creativity is through the expertise of skilled craftsmen.GAN combines the genius of designers with the skills of the artisans to produce unique products, that will be appreciated for years and make our lives more pleasant, warmer and happier.Trades in the world are as varied as its countries and people that inhabit the planet. Nothing is so incredible as the discovery of these trades, understand them in their context and adapt them for other purposes in life.GAN strives to make this an adventure benefit of all. for artisans to develop their skills and designers to find new ways to express themselves

11 July 2015

New product

25 February 2015
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Work in progress

PROPOSTE S.r.l. Corso Principe Amedeo 109, 84013 Cava de' Tirreni (Sa) Italy - Tel: (+39) 089. 9953165 Fax (+39) 089. 9953017
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