why choose Proposte Lab


It is halfway between industrial design and traditional craftsmanship and it turns the know-how of the past

It is an innovative way of designing, outside mass production and with a commercial value.
Our LAB aims to be a link between craftsmanship and design, in order to overcome the standard way of manufacturing, such as assembly lines.

The choice to produce in small series is not a constraint nor a limitation.

Instead, it represents a link between creativity and the production process, which allows for new fields of intervention.
A design approach which is linked to craftsmanship also allows the merge of memory, rituals and traditions. We believe this is the new classic model to pass down their traditions as it is connected to personal and universal memories.

PROPOSTE S.r.l. Corso Principe Amedeo 109, 84013 Cava de' Tirreni (Sa) Italy - Tel: (+39) 089. 9953165 Fax (+39) 089. 9953017
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